Akihito Soeda

I am Japanese, currently working in Singapore as a postdoc.  I research quantum information.  The rest is a pure mystery, even for myself.  To find out more please drop me a note (or watch a “documentary” on my underground occupation).



<Slightly more serious introduction of myself>

I’m a postdoc with a PhD in physics and mainly involved in the contextuality project. Currently we are trying to understand the operational significance of contextuality. We hold a weekly meeting with one of the members of Valerio Scarani’s group. I’m also take part in a recently set up quantum biology workgroup and began doing some reading on molecular biology, biophysics, and biochemistry to acquire some of necessary background knowledge.

My other interests include resource analysis of quantum information processing tasks and nonlocality of quantum operations. Together with some of the members in the quantum information group at the University of Tokyo, we are investigating algorithms to create a controlled quantum circuits and operational meaning of nonlocal parameters that appear in the canonical decomposition of two-qubit unitary operations.

As my hobbie, I run, play tennis, and scuba dive outside of work. Quite recently, I took up filming and participated in a short movie as an actor.

email: cqtas at nus.edu.sg