Whang Yixun Rus

After dabbling in theoretical particle physics as an undergrad, followed by a sojourn in experimental biophysics, I decided that theoretical quantum information science was the way to go and became a PhD student in A/Prof Kaszlikowski’s group.
My area of research is relativistic correlations in space-time. When one combines special relativity with quantum mechanics, momentum and spin are no longer independent variables. This allows one to effectively transfer entanglement between momentum and spin via Lorentz boosts. Currently I am working on quantifying this relationship for massive spin-half particles. I plan to study other phenomena in quantum information, such as Bell monogamy, within this framework.

Outside of work, I have a mild obsession with Japanese popular culture, mostly of the two-dimensional variety. I enjoy going to the gym, but regrettably my 1.95 metre frame prevents me from lifting anything remotely impressive.

email: rusyixun0 at gmail.com