List of all preprints

State-recycling method for testing contextuality

M. Wajs, S.-Y. Lee, P. Kurzynski and D. Kaszlikowski  [ArXiv:1505.01982]

Bosonic interference as a complementary resource for implementation of quantum walks

M. Stobińska, P. Rohde and P. Kurzyński [ArXiv:1504.05480]

Probing quantum-classical boundary with compression software

H. Sh. Poh, M. Markiewicz, P. Kurzyński, A. Cerè, D. Kaszlikowski and Ch. Kurtsiefer [ArXiv:1504.03126]

Entropic tests of multipartite nonlocality and state-independent contextuality

S. Raeisi, P. Kurzynski and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv:1502.01830]

Experimental realisation of generalised qubit measurements based on quantum walks

Y.-Y Zhao, N.-K. Yu, P. Kurzynski, G.-Y. Xiang, Ch.-F Li and G.-C. Guo [ArXiv:1501.0509]

Gaussian private quantum channel with squeezed coherent states

K. Jeong, J. Kim, S-Y. Lee [ArXiv:1412.6870]

Entropic Version of the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger Paradox

S. Raeisi, P. Kurzynski and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv: 1409.7290]

Quantum information approach to Bose-Einstein condensate of composite bosons

S.-Y. Lee, J. Thompson, S. Raeisi, P. Kurzynski and D Kaszlikowski [ArXiv:1409.6479]

A quantum-information-theoretic approach to the signalling time of cryptochromes in Arabidopsis thaliana

A. Chia, A. Gorecka, P. Kurzynski, T. Paterek and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv: 1409.4522]

Quantum phase estimation with four-headed cat states

S-Y. Lee, C.-W. Lee, H. Nha and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv:1409.4220]

Cryptographic security of the quantum key distribution from the triangle inequality

P. Kurzynski, M. Markiewicz and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv: 1312.5263]

On compression of non-classically correlated bit strings

P. Kurzynski,  M. Markiewicz and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv: 1310.5644]

The triangle principle: a new approach to non-contextuality and local realism

P. Kurzynski and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv: 1309.6777]

Composite particles and Szilard engine

T. K. Chuan and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv:1308.1525]

Recent advances in contextuality tests

J. Thompson, P. Kurzynski, S.-Y. Lee, A. Soeda and D. Kaszlikowski [ArXiv: 1304.1292]